INPRO Programme 

INPRO’s activities are coordinated by the INPRO Section at the IAEA in close cooperation with INPRO Members and other programmes in the IAEA.  The current activities are organized in four major tasks:

Task 1: Global scenarios

This task develops global and regional nuclear energy scenarios, on the basis of scientific-technical analysis, that lead to a global vision of sustainable nuclear energy development in the 21st century.

Collaborative Projects (CPs) and Other Activities

  • CP - Synergetic Nuclear Energy Regional Group Interactions Evaluated for Sustainability (SYNERGIES)
  • CP - Roadmaps for a Transition to Globally Sustainable Nuclear Energy Systems (ROADMAPS)
  • CP - Key Indicators for Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems (KIND)
  • Summary brochure on the analytical framework developed by the concluded CP on Global Architecture of Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems (GAINS)

Task 2: Innovations

Activities in this task investigate innovations in selected nuclear energy technologies, related R&D and innovative institutional arrangements to support Member States in pursuing those innovations.

Collaborative Projects and Other Activities

  • Dissemination of good practices in enhancing collaboration on innovations to support sustainable nuclear energy systems
  • CP - Review of Innovative Reactor Concepts for Prevention of Severe Accidents and Mitigation of their Consequences (RISC)
  • CP - Nuclear Fuel and Fuel Cycle Analysis for future Nuclear Energy Systems (FANES)
  • CP - Waste from Innovative Types of Reactors and Fuel Cycles (WIRAF)

Task 3: Sustainability Assessment and Strategies

This task assists Member States in developing national long-range sustainable nuclear energy strategies and related deployment decision making through application of the INPRO Methodology.

Collaborative Projects and Other Activities

  • New edition of the INPRO Methodology as a set of ten NE Series documents
  • Assistance to Member States in applying the INPRO Methodology in Nuclear Energy System Assessments (NESA)
  • Development of a concept for a service package to assist Member States with Nuclear Energy Systems Planning (NESP) by integrating the INPRO Methodology, NESA, national NES modelling and a dynamic analysis framework (developed under Global Scenarios)
  • Limited scope NESA of one or more sodium fast reactor
  • CP - Proliferation Resistance and Safeguardability Assessment Tools (PROSA)
  • CP - Environmental Impact of Potential Accidental Releases from Nuclear Energy Systems (ENV-PE)

Task 4: Policy and Dialogue

INPRO provides an international venue for Member States’ guidance, policy coordination and coordination with other international organizations and initiative, bringing together technology holders and users to share information on long-range nuclear energy system strategies, global nuclear energy scenarios and related technical and institutional innovations.


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