e-NESA Software

Download e-NESA Software (MS Windows 7 / Office 2007/2010)
Download e-NESA Software (MS Windows XP / Office 2003)
(for installation details see the Readme.txt file)

The e-NESA software has been designed to assist a team throughout a Nuclear Energy System Assessment (NESA) based on the INPRO Methodology. The idea is to synthesize the nine volumes of the methodology into a single software that can be used to perform an interactive assessment.

This software intends to:

  • help assessors keep track of the assessment progress;
  • give them access to additional information on how to perform a NESA
    (NESA Support Package);
  • provide them with examples from other NESAs performed or from hypothetical characteristics of a nuclear energy system.

The e-NESA platform is also a tool that helps browsing through the volumes of the INPRO Methodology with a user friendly interface that has been designed on an easy to access information basis.

When to use e-NESA?

What is e-NESA?

The most relevant features of the e-NESA software are:

  • The tool gathers in a unique software all the necessary information (examples, tools, guidance, …);
  • The user friendly interface guides the user through the assessment process and significantly eases the use of the INPRO Methodology;
  • The software gives a framework within which to use the INPRO Methodology (summary of the assessment’s advancement, access to relevant information on a criteria level, generation of standardized assessment report);
  • It offers the possibility to use the software as a training tool and a “get to know the INPRO Methodology” tool.

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