Technical Cooperation Project INT/4/142: "Promoting Technology Development and Application of Future Nuclear Energy Systems in Developing Countries"

Interregional Workshop on Long-range Nuclear Energy

Programme Planning and Strategy Development

14-17 June 2010

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

The workshop will present to Member States, in an integrated manner, how to apply the tools and methodologies available from the IAEA for long term planning of energy systems and in particular nuclear energy systems. The workshop will focus on the processes of long term planning and present the support for these activities offered by the IAEA. To illustrate the benefits of these activities, Member States representatives will present case studies that are currently using or have already successfully applied these IAEA tools in the past.

In addition, specific topics will be addressed related to the implementation of nuclear power programs, such as capacity building, nuclear technology selection, and adopting the IAEA's Milestone approach to set up a first nuclear power plant, as well as transparency and public participation in nuclear power programs.

News item: Development and Nuclear Energy - IAEA Helps Developing Countries Plan Their Energy Future.

Workshop Documents

Presentations made during the Workshop

Opening Session

  • Welcome and Opening Statement by the Deputy Director General, Department of Nuclear Energy (Y.Sokolov)
  • Technical Cooperation (I. Videnovic)
  • Workshop Program Overview and Objectives (I. Jalal)

Session 1: Energy System Planning

  • Why long term nuclear energy strategies need overall energy systems analysis (V.Kagramanyan)
  • Tools for energy systems analysis (M. Howells)
  • Long term projections of national energy requirements (MAED) and supply options (MESSAGE) (S.Jensen/ M. Parera)
  • Modelling nuclear energy system: Extending the analysis using MESSAGE (G. Fesenko)
  • Context: Energy needs in developing countries: Accessible, adequate and affordable (F. Ibitoye)
  • Context: Regional integration and energy security in MESSAGE (A. Galinis)
  • Case Study: Quantifying Long-Range Nuclear Energy Programmes (A. Gevorgyan/ V. Sargsyan)
  • Case Study: Croatian experience with IAEA's tools (Z. Tomsik)
  • Case Study: Vietnam's experience with energy and nuclear power planning (Le Doan Phac)
  • Case Study: Programme for nuclear energy development in Jordan (Kamal J. Araj)
  • Panel Discussion Points (P. E. Jhun)

Session 2: Long-term Nuclear Energy Programme Planning

Session 3: Presentations on National NP Development Plans

  • Status of nuclear power program in Indonesia (Achmad S. Sastratenaya)
  • Status of nuclear power program in Lithuania (R. Sumskis)
  • Status of nuclear power program in Kazakhstan (Y. Kenzhin)
  • Status of nuclear power program in Turkey (A. Boelme)
  • Status of nuclear power program in Germany (J. Hake)
  • Presentation of the Moroccan NPP project (R. Alaoui)
  • Integration of Energy and Nuclear Power Planning, Experience of the Republic of Korea (P.E.Jhun)

Session 4: Introduction to other IAEA tools and approaches

  • Infrastructure Building and the IAEA 'Milestones' approach (D. Kovacic)
  • Stakeholder Involvement in the Lifecycle of Nuclear Facilities and Programmes (T. Mazour)
  • The INPRO collaborative project GAINS (V. Usanov)

Closing Session

  • Closing Statement by the Deputy Director General, Department of Technical Cooperation (A. Cetto)

Background Information

  • Planning & Economic Studies Section (PESS): Analysis for Sustainable Energy Development
  • International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO)

IAEA Responsible Officers

IAEA Responsible Officers

Mr. Randy Beatty
INPRO Group Leader, Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy
tel.: +43 1 2600 24233, e-mail:

Mr. Frank Depisch
INPRO Group, Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy
tel.: +43 1 2600 24235, e-mail:

Mr. Ahmed Irej Jalal
Planning and Economic Studies Section (PESS), Department of Nuclear Energy
tel.: +43 1 2600 22780, e-mail:

Programme Management Officer

Mr. Ivan Videnovic
Europe Section 2, Department of Technical Cooperation
tel.: +43 1 2600 22409, e-mail:

Technical Officers

Mr. Peter J. Gowin
Programme Liaison Officer, INPRO, Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy
tel.: +43 1 2600 22848, e-mail:

Ms Sama Bilbao y Leon
Technical Head Water Reactor Technology Development, NPTDS, Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy
tel.: +43 1 2600 22865, e-mail:


  • INPRO, PESS, NPES, NPTDS and Dept of Technical Cooperation
  • Workshop Poster

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