Nuclear Energy for Energy Security

Side Event during the 56th IAEA General Conference

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The availability of reliable and clean energy is essential for socio-economic development. Concerns over climate change, air quality, energy resource availability and energy security suggest an important role for nuclear power in supplying energy in the 21st century.

This side event presented the integrated services of the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy for Member States which are considering the development of nuclear energy programmes. Member State representatives from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Poland shared recent experiences and explained how they benefit from IAEA services in this area.

Side Event at 55th IAEA General Conference

Chair: Mr Alex R. Burkart
Deputy Director, Office of Nuclear Energy, Safety and Security, US Department of State
Scientific Secretaries: Ms Fanny Bazile (INIG),
Mr Irej Jalal (PESS),
Mr Randy Beatty (INPRO)
Division of Nuclear Power, IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy
Opening Address Mr. Alexander Bychkov
Deputy Director for Nuclear Energy and INPRO Project Manager
Integrated Energy Planning: Supply Security and Environmental Issues Mr Ferenc L. Toth
Energy and Nuclear Power Planning in Bangladesh Mr Mohammad Shawkat Akbar
Bagladesh Atomic Energy Commission
Nuclear Energy System Assessment: a Tool to Check the Long-Term Sustainability of a NES Mr Randy Beatty
Indonesia’s Experience in Performing a Nuclear Energy System Assessment (NESA) Mr Ferhat Aziz
National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN), Indonesia
National Position as a Key Issue in the Milestones Approach for Developing a New Nuclear Power Programme Ms Fanny Bazile
Diversification of Energy Sources in Poland: The Nuclear Energy Option Mr Zbigniew Kubacki
Ministry of Economy, Poland

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