Highlights of INPRO Projects – Adding Value for Member States

Side Event during the 55th IAEA General Conference

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

This year's side event of INPRO during the General Conference focussed on how INPRO's activities are adding value to Member States. Representatives of INPRO Members presented results of Collaborative Projects and a vision for INPRO?s medium term development.

Side Event at 55th IAEA General Conference

Chair: Robert Speranzini, AECL, Canada and Chair of the INPRO Steering Committee
Scientific Secretary: Randy Beatty, INPRO Group Leader
Opening Address Mr. Alexander Bychkov
Deputy Director for Nuclear Energy and INPRO Project Manager
Results of GAINS Collaborative Project Vladimir Kagramanyan
IPPE, Rosatom, Russian Federation
Experience from Belarus NESA Boris Popov
SOSNY, Belarus
Results from PRADA Collaborative Project Hong-Lae Chang
KAERI, Republic of Korea
INPRO Vision 2017: A preview Robert Speranzini
AECL, Canada

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