Jordan Becomes 33rd INPRO Member

May 4, 2011

Mr Kamal Araj, Vice Chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) has conveyed to the IAEA the request of the Government of Jordan to become a full member of INPRO. This also includes Jordan's plans to undertake a nuclear energy system assessment (NESA) using the INPRO methodology to support the country's strategic planning and decision making on long term nuclear energy deployment.

"I would like to express the Agency's appreciation for the interest and expression of support of the Government of Jordan and welcome Jordan as a member of INPRO", said IAEA Deputy Director General Mr A. Bychkov. Jordan's membership brings the number of INPRO members to a total of 33.

As a newcomer country, Jordan will benefit from increasing its energy mix and from INPRO's expertise in the areas of long-range nuclear energy planning to support sustainable nuclear energy deployment. The country launched its nuclear power programme in response to challenges such as growing energy demand, increasing energy costs, lack of conventional energy resources, increasing dependence on imported fuel, scarcity of water resources and environmental degradation due to increasing consumption of fossil fuels. Currently, Jordan relies almost entirely on foreign energy resources (oil and gas) as 96% of the country's required energy is imported.

Performing a NESA would enable Jordan to compare different nuclear energy systems and find the optimal one consistent with the country's objective of sustainable development. The NESA will be performed by a team of experts from several institutions involved in the Jordan nuclear energy programme including governmental institutions, research centres, academia, universities and national industry. It is planned to start the assessment in the second half of 2011.

Contact: Peter Gowin

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