New NE Series Report: How to Use the INPRO Methodology in Assessing Nuclear Energy Systems

Feb 11, 2011

The IAEA assists Member States in long range strategic planning and decision making on nuclear power programmes. To support Member States in assessing their planned or existing nuclear energy system, a support package is being developed by the INPRO Group.

As part of the package, a new INPRO report was prepared to provide guidance to those who want to undertake such a nuclear energy system assessment (NESA). The revised version of this report, Introduction to the Use of the INPRO Methodology in a Nuclear Energy System Assessment has just been issued by the Agency as Nuclear Energy Series Report NP-T-1.12.

The document addresses three types of assessors:

  1. a nuclear technology developer,
  2. an experienced user of nuclear technology, and
  3. a prospective first time user of nuclear power ('nuclear newcomer').

This report also describes the relationship of a NESA with the IAEA Milestones approach and IAEA energy planning tools for nuclear newcomers.

Relationships Among Tools for Newcomers

Given its comprehensive nature, a NESA with the INPRO methodology can benefit:

  1. Nuclear technology developers, to identify possible gaps in research and development, and associated actions to fill those gaps;
  2. Experienced nuclear technology users, to assist with strategic planning and decision making concerning the continued operation and expansion of a nuclear energy system;
  3. Prospective first time nuclear technology users, to familiarize them with issues that need to be considered when deciding on whether to embark on a nuclear power program and to support their long term strategic planning.

NESAs in Belarus and Kazakhstan

At present, Belarus and Kazakhstan are applying the INPRO methodology in assessing their national nuclear energy systems.

In Belarus, the assessed nuclear energy system consists of the first two nuclear power plants expected to come into service in the country by 2016 and 2018, respectively, and associated waste management facilities. Consistent with the holistic approach of the INPRO methodology, all nuclear fuel cycle facilities located outside the country are also evaluated with support from the Russian Federation, which is acting as a 'strategic partner' in the Belarus study.

Kazakhstan has special interest in developing nuclear power systems based on small and medium-sized reactors. It is preparing to perform a full scope NESA, assessing all seven areas of the INPRO methodology, and investigating the various options for the country's nuclear energy system, nuclear power plants and the nuclear fuel cycle.

The report "Introduction to the Use of the INPRO Methodology in a NESA" IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NP-T-1.12, STI/PUB/1478 (2010) can be downloaded here or ordered from the IAEA Publications Section.

Contact: Frank Depisch

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