NESA-ITC: An Interactive Online Training Course
on Performing a Nuclear Energy System Assessment

The objective of the NESA-ITC is to familiarize Member States with the INPRO Methodology and assist them in using the methodology in a Nuclear Energy System Assessment (NESA).

This training course has been prepared for national experts, young nuclear professionals and students in Member States who wish to build awareness and gain an understanding of all issues related to a sustainable nuclear power programme.

This online training course covers the seven areas of the INPRO Methodology, as well as several supporting topics. Each of the areas is presented in an audio-recorded lecture by an INPRO expert, including MS Power Point slides, illustrations and a transcript of the lecture.

At the end of each session, users of the NESA ITC may answer a quiz to confirm their understanding of the presented topic.

Course Modules

The Nuclear Energy System Assessment Interactive Training Course (NESA ITC) was developed by the INPRO Group, based on an INPRO Steering Committee recommendation, as an integral part of INPRO Project No. 1: National Long Range Nuclear Energy Strategies.

Comments, questions or recommendations to improve the NESA ITC are welcome: e-mail.

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