Collaborative Projects 2014-2015

Collaborative Projects (CPs) are an important part of INPRO’s activities; CPs are proposed by, and carried out with, active participation of INPRO Members. 

Global Scenarios

  • SYNERGIES - Synergistic Nuclear Energy Regional Group Interactions Evaluated for Sustainability
  • ROADMAPS - Roadmaps for a Transition to Globally Sustainable Nuclear Energy Systems
  • KIND - Key Indicators for Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems
    (Access for participants only)


  • LOADCAPS - Load Following Capability in Innovative Designs
  • RISC - Review of Innovative Reactor Concepts for Prevention of Severe Accidents and Mitigation of their Consequences
  • FANES - Nuclear Fuel and Fuel Cycle Analysis for future Nuclear Energy Systems
  • WIRAF - Waste from Innovative Types of Reactors and Fuel Cycles

Sustainability Assessment and Strategies

  • PROSA - Proliferation Resistance and Safeguardability Assessment Tools
  • ENV-PE - Environmental Impact of Potential Accidental Releases from Nuclear Energy Systems

Completed INPRO Collaborative Projects

The following INPRO CPs were completed, and final reports are being prepared and/or published.

  • GAINS - Global Architecture of Innovative Nuclear Systems based on Thermal and Fast Reactors including Closed Fuel Cycles
    Final Report
  • PRADA - Proliferation Resistance: Acquisition/Diversion Pathway Analysis
    Final Report
  • ENV - Environmental Impact Benchmarking Applicable for Nuclear Energy System under Normal Operation
  • ThFC - Investigation of the 233U/Th Fuel Cycle
    Final Report
  • COOL - Investigation of Technological Challenges related to the Removal of Heat by Liquid Metal and Molten Salt Coolants from Reactor Cores Operating at High Temperatures
    Final Report
  • AWCR - Advanced Water Cooled Reactors
    Final Report
  • PGAP - Performance Assessment of Passive Gaseous Provisions
    Final Report
  • DHR - Decay Heat Removal System for Liquid Metal Cooled Reactors
  • SMALL - Implementation Issues for the Use of Nuclear Power in Small Countries
    Final Report

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