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Synergistic Nuclear Energy Regional Group Interactions Evaluated For Sustainability (SYNERGIES)


In the INPRO collaborative project ‘Global Architecture of Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems’ (GAINS, 2008–2011), 16 participating INPRO members and observers developed a framework for the dynamic assessment of a transition to future sustainable nuclear energy systems (NES). GAINS has shown that sustainability of NES will be easier to achieve on a global scale if technology users and suppliers collaborate and highlighted the advantages of a transition to a globally sustainable nuclear energy system.

The new INPRO Collaborative Project SYNERGIES (Synergistic Nuclear Energy Regional Group Interactions Evaluated for Sustainability) clarifies how collaborations facilitate this transition. For this purpose, it models and examines more specifically the various forms of collaboration among nuclear technology suppliers and users and the driving forces and impediments to achieving globally sustainable NES.

The objective of SYNERGIES is to identify and evaluate mutually beneficial collaborative architectures and the driving forces and impediments for achieving globally sustainable nuclear energy systems (NES) by applying and enhancing the analytical framework developed in the GAINS project.

The preparations for SYNERGIES were initiated in April 2011 at the final consultants meeting of the GAINS project where the draft Terms of Reference (ToR) of the SYNERGIES project were developed.

Subsequently, the ToR were refined and finalized at the SYNERGIES preparatory meeting in October 2011,  including the draft implementation plan for the new project (see also INPRO News, 27 October 2011)

A ‘kick-off’ technical meeting took place on 4 to 8 of June 2012 (access for participants only), at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna. SYNERGIES is implemented in coordination with INIG, NPTDS, NEFW, PESS and the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security.

Expressions of interest for this project have come from Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, the Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Romania, the Russian Federation, Spain, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam, the European Commission, OECD-NEA, WNA and ISTC.


The deliverables for SYNERGIES will be:

  • An IAEA Nuclear Energy Series report, presenting mutually beneficial collaborative scenarios, to be produced in 2014;
  • A template with the upgraded/ amended indicators, analytical framework and database for dynamic assessments of NES.

Final report of the INPRO collaborative project on Synergistic Nuclear Energy Regional Group Interactions Evaluated for Sustainability (SYNERGIES) (30.05.2016)
(access for participants only)


Annex I Annex IX Annex XVII Annex XXV
Annex II Annex X Annex XVIII Annex XXVI
Annex III Annex XI Annex XIX Annex XXVII
Annex IV Annex XII Annex XX Annex XXVIII
Annex V Annex XIII Annex XXI
Annex VI Annex XIV Annex XXII
Annex VII Annex XV Annex XXIII
Annex VIII Annex XVI Annex XXIV

Draft Report of the INPRO Collaborative Project on Synergistic Nuclear Energy Regional Group Interactions Evaluated for Sustainability (SYNERGIES)
(access for participants only)

Appendices I, II, III, IV
(access for participants only)

Participants’ Deliverables for Consultants’ Meeting of the SYNERGIES CP 19-22 May 2014
(access for participants only)







The responsible officer is Mr Vladimir Kuznetsov

Access for participants only ⇒  
  30 March -02 April 2015 / 6th SYNERGIES Consultancy Meeting
  19-22 May 2014 / 5th SYNERGIES Meeting
  18-22 November 2013 / 4th SYNERGIES Meeting
  3-7 June 2013 / 3rd Technical Meeting
  12-16 November, 2012 / 2nd Consultants' Meeting
  4-8 June, 2012 / Kick-off Technical Meeting


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