7th INPRO Dialogue Forum:

Sustainability of Nuclear Energy Systems Based on Evolutionary Reactors

19-22 November 2013, IAEA, Vienna, Austria

The INPRO Dialogue Forum brings together nuclear technology holders and nuclear technology users and other stakeholders from interested Member States to discuss issues related to sustainable nuclear energy development and deployment. The forum provides a unique opportunity with a number of vendors of evolutionary power reactors presenting exemplary INPRO Methodology assessments of their reactor designs.

The purposes of the 7th INPRO Dialogue Forum are to:

  • Familiarize Member States with the INPRO methodology, with a focus on the sustainability assessment of nuclear energy systems (NESs) and on supporting long range and strategic planning for a successful nuclear power programme;
  • Discuss the assessment of evolutionary nuclear reactors in the areas of safety;
  • Discuss case studies and lessons learned in relation to, as well as support for, ongoing and future projects on national Nuclear Energy System Assessments (NESAs); and
  • Discuss the salient features of evolutionary nuclear reactors that are relevant to the sustainability of an NES, and the important role of vendors in a NESA — particularly in providing necessary design data and information to support the assessment.


Workshop Documents


Chair: Juergen Kupitz

Session 1: Opening and IAEA/INPRO Presentations
Session 2: Vendors’ Presentations
• Vendor 1: Mitsubishi on APWR- Sumio Fujii, Tesushi Yuasa (Japan)
• Vendor 2: Rosatom on AES-2006/MIR.1200- Mikhail Bykov, Denis Kolchinsky (Russia)
• Vendor 3: GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy International on ABWR- Kenichi Yasuda (Japan), James A. Beard (USA)
• Vendor 4: KEPCO on APR1400- Jong Tae Seo, Han Gon Kim (Korea)
• Vendor 5: Candu Energy on EC6- Albert G. Lee, Sabina Boyle (Canada)
• Vendor 6: GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy International on ESBWR- Gary L. Miller, James A. Beard (USA)
• Vendor 7: AREVA on EPR design- Franck Lignini (France)
Session 3: Closing

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