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Nuclear Science Helps Mexico City Breathe Easier
21 January 2005 | Nobody likes breathing lungfulls of pollution from big cities. Least of all the citizens of Mexico City, whose air is so contaminated it is a serious health hazard. Now the IAEA is helping Mexicans breathe a little easier.

DG to Talk Cancer, Crops, Nutrition on Africa Visit
17 January 2005 | IAEA Director General Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is in Ghana and Nigeria this week on a routine visit to see how the tools of nuclear science and technology are helping these countries meet critical needs.

IAEA´s Work Singled Out by UN Panel on Global Security
11 January 2005 | A high level panel has cited the IAEA as "an extraordinary bargain" for its work to prevent widespread proliferation of nuclear weapons, in a new report on security threats facing humanity, and how policies and institutions must change to beat them.

Years in Archive: 2004 :: 2003 :: 2002 :: 2001 :: 2000