Scientific Forum

Energy for Development

15-16 September 2009

A Scientific Forum taking place 15-16 September in the C04 UNIDO Board Room at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) will focus on the theme Energy for Development. Energy is central to sustainable development and poverty reduction efforts, and the theme has been chosen to reflect upon the need to assure universal access to affordable energy services and eliminate energy insecurity worldwide.


Scientific Forum on Energy for Development

Scientific Forum A Scientific Forum on Energy for Development opened today in Vienna. The Forum is held annually in conjunction with the General Conference. This year’s Forum considers the need to assure universal access to affordable, secure energy services. Story »

IAEA Scientific Forum Links Energy and Development

Scientific ForumAt the 2009 IAEA Scientific Forum, energy and development experts considered the crucial role energy plays in delivering health care, providing nutrition, enabling education, manufacturing goods and fuelling transportation and other services. The two-day Forum underscored energy's central role in advancing social and economic development. Story » :: Report »

Live Video Streaming of the Scientific Forum

For the very first time, the Scientific Forum was presented in its entirety via live video streaming, so that experts and interested publics around the world could follow the discussions. The link to the live stream was made available to a global audience beginning 15 September.