51th IAEA General Conference

President to the 51st General Conference: Curriculum Vitae

Secretary General
National Council for Scientific Research, Lebanon

Mr. Mouïn Hamzé has been Secretary General of the National Council for Scientific Research of Lebanon since 1998 and is also Professor of Plant Sciences at the Lebanese University.

Mr. Hamzé has held a number of senior positions in national and international institutions. He was Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the Lebanese University (1985-1997), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (1990-1998) and more recently President of the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agricultural Studies (2003-2007).

Mr. Hamzé has headed a number of international and regional projects in research and development, scientific policy, rural development and he has attended and chaired numerous international and regional meetings and symposia, both in his personal capacity and as the representative of the Government of Lebanon, including IAEA General Conferences since 1999. He has written extensively on the subjects of environmental sciences, water stress, food quality, and Mediterranean crops.

Mr. Hamzé holds the degree of Docteur Es Sciences in Plant Sciences from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique and the University of Montpellier. He is the recipient of a number of international and regional awards and distinctions.