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President to the 48th General Conference: Curriculum Vitae

Director General
Hungarian Atomic Energy Agency

Dr. József Rónaky was born in Pécs, Hungary on 7 December 1946. He graduated from the Loránd Eötvös University of Budapest as physicist in 1970, and received his doctorate in natural sciences in 1973.

Dr. Rónaky assumed the position of Director General of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority in September 1999. Previous to that, he worked at the Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary where he was head of its nuclear emergency preparedness organisation from 1993; Paks chief nuclear engineer responsible for nuclear safety and fuel management from 1989; head of dosimetry service from 1981; and health physicist starting in 1979.

He was also head of the Laser Development Section of the Hungarian Optical Works from 1976, and from 1970, was research fellow at the Hungarian Central Research Institute for Physics.

Dr. Rónaky´s professional training includes, among others, participation in a business administration and radioactive waste management course in Belgium in 1990; a training course on Nuclear Emergency Preparedness in Dublin, Ireland in 1988; and an IAEA international training course on operational safety of nuclear power plants, in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1981. Additionally, Dr. Rónaky attended several study tours organised by the IAEA on nuclear safety regulation at the Belgian, Finnish and Spanish authorities.

Dr. Rónaky has also participated in several nuclear safety reviews as expert in the fields of radiation protection and nuclear emergency preparedness. This included OSART missions to Oldbury (UK), Grafenrheinfeld (Germany), Csernavoda (Romania), Ignalina (Latvia), and Aktau (Kazakhstan). He has also participated in WANO reviews in North Anna (USA), and Onagawa (Japan).

Dr. Rónaky is married with two children.