New Horizons: Nuclear Energy in a Changing World


[17 Sept] IAEA Nuclear and Radiation Safety Standards Seek Best Practices
When it comes to nuclear and radiation technologies, safety ranks as a top public concern. For the IAEA, setting and promoting standards for nuclear, radiation, waste, and transport safety have been top priorities from the start, rooted in the Agency's Statute. Read more »

[17 Sept] New Breed of Nuclear Safeguards "Workhorses"
Gone are the days when the main workhorse for surveillance of nuclear material was a twin camera system designed in the 1970s. New ones have been bred and sent to the field. Yet, given the stakes, the challenge of how to stay technologically "current" remains, as experts made clear at the IAEA's final session of the 2003 Scientific Forum. Read more »

[17 Sept] On the Energy Rich Road to "Hydricity"
From Iceland to Japan, hydrogen for power -- through fuel cells for automobiles, pipelines for industries, and generating stations for electricity -- is enticing visions of new "clean and green" technologies down the line. Read more »

[16 Sept] Cyberspace Channels for Health Care
Telemedicine promises everything from consultations over the Internet to transboundary surgery on patients. Read more »

[16 Sept] Malaysia's Marketplace Strides
Scientific Forum Session Targets Ways to Meet Challenges and "Hard Choices" Facing National Nuclear Institutes. Read more »


[16 Sept] Innovation Key to Nuclear Future
IAEA Deputy Director General Victor Mourogov looked at nuclear energy's prospects at the IAEA Scientific Forum. Read Statement »

[16 Sept] Global Experts Review Nuclear Issues
Leading experts in fields of nuclear science and technology are participating in sessions on new advances in the field. They were welcomed by IAEA Director General ElBaradei, who reviewed the Forum's framework. Read Statement »

** Click here to view the Programme and Synopses of the Scientific Forum.

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