GC-47 Daily Wrap: Friday, 19 September 2003

Application of Nuclear Safeguards in the Middle East
A resolution adopted 19 September by the IAEA General Conference calls upon States to take measures toward establishing a nuclear-weapon-free-zone (NWFZ) in the Middle East. Read more »

States Call for Strengthening Peaceful Applications of Nuclear Science and Technology
The IAEA's work in isotope hydrology and nuclear desalination of seawater, among other areas, were commended by the IAEA General Conference in a resolution adopted 19 September on applications of nuclear science and technology. Read more »

States Support Measures to Strengthen IAEA Safeguards
In a resolution adopted 19 September, the IAEA General Conference emphasized the importance of the Agency's safeguards system and of continuing steps to reinforce it. Read more »

States Commend IAEA Verification in Iraq
IAEA Member States today commended the IAEA's nuclear verification in Iraq. Read more »

Staffing the IAEA: General Conference Passes Resolution
In a resolution adopted today, IAEA Member States expressed concern that the representation of developing countries in the Agency’s Secretariat - particularly at the senior and policy-making levels - is inadequate. Read more »

States Back Measures for Strengthened Safety in Nuclear, Radiation Fields
[Afternoon] The IAEA's activities to keep strengthening global nuclear and radiation safety were endorsed by the IAEA General Conference in a resolution adopted 19 September. Read more »

Nuclear and Radiological Security: Progress to Prevent Terrorism
[Afternoon] In a resolution adopted 19 September, IAEA Member States commended progress on IAEA measures to prevent nuclear terrorism. Read more »

States Call Upon North Korea to Dismantle Nuclear Weapons Programme, Accept Safeguards
[Afternoon] The General Conference adopted a resolution 19 September calling for North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) to promptly accept comprehensive IAEA safeguards and cooperate with the Agency in their full and effective implementation. Read more »

States Back Stronger Technical Cooperation for Peaceful Nuclear Uses
[Afternoon] The IAEA General Conference adopted a resolution 19 September to further strengthen key areas of the IAEA's technical cooperation programme. Read more »

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