GC-47 Daily Wrap: Wednesday, 17 September 2003

Safeguards Instrument for Verifying Spent Fuel
Safeguards equipment turnover[Afternoon] Canada and Sweden handed over to the Agency a Cerenkov viewing device at a ceremony 17 September at the IAEA General Conference. Ms. Judith Melin, Director General of the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, and Ms. Linda Keen, President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, made the presentation to IAEA Deputy Director for Safeguards, Mr. Pierre Goldschmidt. Read more »

Presentation of Nuclear Information
INIS Presentation[Afternoon] A general overview of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS), the role of national INIS centres and information resources, and the benefits of participationare being highlighted at a special presentation that opened today and concludes 19 September. INIS is the leading information source for scientific and technical literature published worldwide on the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology. INIS web site. »

New Nuclear Horizons: IAEA Scientific Forum Moves to Second Day
Scientific Forum[Morning/Afternoon] The Scientific Forum resumed today with sessions on IAEA Safety Standards in the morning, followed by Safeguards Technology in the afternoon. Among highlights of yesterday's session, IAEA Deputy Director General Victor Mourogov looked at nuclear energy's prospects, and Malaysia's Dr. Daud Mohammad presented how his country is making steady strides in the nuclear marketplace. Statements and reports can be accessed from the Scientific Forum section. Go there »

General Debate
[Morning] The General Debate continued today, with statements scheduled from the delegates of Egypt, Canada, India, Ghana, Angola, Lithuania, Burkina Faso, United KIngdom, Algeria, Mexico, Vietnam, and a representative from the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO). In the afternoon, additional statements were made by delegates of Peru, Latvia, Cameroon, Israel, Philippines, Morocco, Belarus, Bolivia, Turkey, Ireland, Sweden, Holy See, Greece, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Paraguay, Australia, Colombia, Albania, Armenia, and Kenya. A statement was also made by the Secretary of the Brazilain-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials.

Technical Cooperation Meetings
[Whole Day] There will be meetings of representatives of IAEA Cooperative Agreements in Africa (AFRA), Latin America (ARCAL), and Asia (RCA). Member State representatives from the regions of Europe and West Asia will also hold individual group meetings.

The Changing Landscape of Atoms for Peace
A WorldAtom story compiles and highlights remarks from Delegates' statements, reaffirming support for peaceful nuclear uses and the IAEA's role, now facing new challenges in a new century. Full story »

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