GC-47 Daily Wrap: Monday, 15 September 2003

Press Conference 15 September: Spencer Abraham, U.S. Energy Secretary
Abrams[Afternoon] Not surprisingly, seven of the eight questions posed by a room full of reporters to U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham were about Iranís nuclear programme and the IAEA Board of Governors resolution last Friday. As in his morning speech to the General Conference, the Secretary reiterated the need for strong measures to impede efforts to undermine the nuclear non-proliferation regime. US Statement » [pdf]

Iran Statement Takes Issue with IAEA Board Resolution
Reza Ahazadeh[Morning] Iran expressed "serious problems" with the resolution on the verification of its nuclear programme adopted by the IAEA Board of Governors 12 September. In a statement to the General Conference today, Mr. Reza Aghazadeh, Vice-President of Iran and President of the Atomic Energy Organization, took issue with both the resolution and process of its adoption, underlining nine points. Among them were Iran's pledged continuing cooperation with the IAEA in the framework of its comprehensive safeguards agreement, and its consideration of an Additional Protocol that would enable the IAEA to conduct more thorough inspections. Iran Statement » [pdf] :: Board Resolution » [pdf]

Director General Reviews Global Nuclear Challenges
Dr. ElBaradei[Morning] In a statement to delegations of Member States meeting at the 47th IAEA General Conference, Director General Mohamed ElBaradei reviewed major international nuclear issues facing the Agency and international community. "The past year has been a time of significant challenges and achievements," he said. "But much remains to be done." Read more » :: Full Statement »

Japan Ambassador Elected Conference President
Ambassador Takasu[Morning] Japan's Ambassador Yukio Takasu was elected as President of the 47th IAEA General Conference this morning. He succeeds Indonesia's Minister for Research and Technology, Mr. Hatta Rajasa. Mr. Takasu is the Resident Representative to the IAEA and Governor on the Agency's Board of Governors. In his acceptance remarks, Mr. Yakusa noted the "atoms for peace" heritage of the IAEA and its wide-ranging work in areas of nuclear verification, safety, and science and technology. December marks the 50th anniversary of the Atoms for Peace initiative before the United Nations that led to the creation of the IAEA. Curriculum Vitae »

Russian Men's Choir Performs at General Conference
Russian choir[Morning] Harmonic voices of singing physicists -- the Men's Choir of the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute -- opened the IAEA General Conference, performing songs from Russia's rich musical tradition. The choir, presently on tour in Austria and Germany, has proved its high artistic standards at many international competitions. Read more »

General Debate Opens
[Morning] The General Debate was scheduled to open today with statements from Heads of Delegations, including the Russian Federation, Japan, United States, Iran, Italy, and New Zealand. Statements from other delegations are scheduled over the next several days; only those distributed in electronic form are being posted for web distribution.

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