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GC-46 Daily Wrap: Friday, 20 September 2002

>> Iraq Resolution Adopted

Iraq Resolution IAEA Member States adopted a resolution urging Iraq to comply with UN Security Council resolutions and provide "immediate, unconditional, and unrestricted access" to enable Agency inspectors to carry out their mandate. The resolution stresses that the IAEA "must, on return to Iraq, resolve the key issue of whether Iraq's nuclear activities and capabilities have changed since December 1998", when inspections in Iraq were stopped. The resolution was adopted by vote, with 62 States in favour, zero opposed, and 25 abstentions. Read background on the IAEA mandate in Iraq. Read the General Conference report on Iraq.

>> States Back Safeguards in the DPRK, Nuclear Security Measures
Member States adopted a resolution Friday backing the full implementation of IAEA verification responsibilities in the DPRK. The IAEA is continuing to monitor the "freeze" on facilities under the 1994 Agreed Framework between the United States and DPRK, but it remains unable to verify fully the DPRK’s initial declaration of its nuclear programme. States expressed hope that ongoing political developments in Northeast Asia would contribute to progress, and urged the DPRK to take all steps that the Agency deems necessary to verify the correctness and completeness of the DPRK's declared nuclear programme. Read the General Conference report on the DPRK.

On nuclear security, the General Conference adopted a resolution focusing on the need to further upgrade the physical protection of nuclear material, and to reinforce efforts to secure radioactive sources. States called for early finalization of negotiations to strengthen the international Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, a global treaty under IAEA auspices that is being amended by a group of legal and technical experts next meeting in early November. Read the General Conference report on nuclear security.

>> Summary Report on Scientific Forum

A report summarizing the IAEA's Scientific Forum was presented to the General Conference today. Mr. Mohammad Ridwan, head of the Nuclear Control Board in Indonesia, delivered the statement, which highlighted major points of discussion during three Forum sessions: nuclear power life cycle management; the management of nuclear knowledge; and nuclear security. The report makes a number of proposals for the Agency's consideration. Read the report.

>>Woman of Nuclear Power

Women who hold top positions in their countries are pointing the way forward when it comes to job opportunities and advancement. A IAEA.org feature profiles senior nuclear regulators from Argentina, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, and the Czech Republic. The IAEA General Conference is backing measures to improve the representation of professional women at the Agency. Read the story and view the accompanying video clips produced by the Division of Public Information.

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