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Presentation of the International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles
20 September 2001
Room C, Austria Centre
World Nuclear Association
Presentation of a new feature on the World Nuclear Association web site
21 September 2001
Room C, Austria Centre
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GC-45 Daily Wrap: Tuesday, 18 September 2001
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General Debate
plenaryMore than 30 statements were made today during the General Debate. They included statements from Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Burkina Faso, Yemen, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, Iraq, Colombia, New Zealand, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Canada, Hungary, Algeria, Peru, Slovakia, Ireland, Chile, Turkey, Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Morocco, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Holy See, the European Commission, and the Organization of African Unity. Statements from other delegations are expected to be made over the next several days.
Adopted Agenda
As adopted at the opening session, the General Conference Agenda is now on line, indicating how the items are allocated among Conference bodies for initial discussion.
Scientific Forum
elbaradeiLeading international experts met today at the opening sessions of the IAEA Scientific Forum, which is examining the roles of nuclear technology for sustainable development. Sessions focused on the interconnections between science, technology, and development; promoting food security; and managing water resources. IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei opened the Forum, and keynote presentations were made by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs of Harvard University and Mr. Jose Vargas, Brazilís former Minister of Science and Technology. Sessions continue Wednesday, 19 September, on topics related to improving human health. Ms. Margaret Catley-Carlson, chair of the Global Water Partnership, will lead the Forumís concluding panel discussion.
Other Meetings & Side Events at the GC
korean exhibitExhibit on Technical Cooperation in the Republic of Korea. At an interactive exhibit, Korean specialists demonstrated how national authorities are applying information technology to improve communication about nuclear and radiation safety. The event marks the fifth exhibit hosted by the Republic of Korea at the IAEA General Conference. Watch a video clip.

Safety Meeting. At a traditional meeting, senior regulators from IAEA Member States continued discussions of topics related to nuclear and radiation safety. The two-day meeting, which is chaired by Mr. John Loy of Australia, concludes today. Topics on the final dayís agenda included quality management practices in regulatory bodies, and feedback relative to safety performance indicators from the recent International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Safety.

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