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45th Regular Session

Biting the fly
Saving a mother's life
Counting every drop

Serving Human Needs

Science, Technology and Development: Interconnections

sachs"Currently, the international system fails to meet the scientific and technological needs of the world's poorest."
-- Jeffrey Sachs, Forum Keynote Speaker, a top academic economist, as he argued in an August 14, 1999, The Economist article that rich countries must mobilize global science and technology to address the specific problems which help to keep poor countries poor

Promoting Food Security

"Global hunger will persist until:

  • We treat its root causes, not only its symptoms.
  • We cease to impose fabrications of socio-cultural homogeneity.
  • We desist using food as political ammunition."
--Joyce Turk, Forum Session Moderator, Senior Livestock Advisor, US Agency for International Development

Managing Water Resources

annan"[T]he more than 1 billion people who lack access to safe drinking water live overwhelmingly in developing countries. It is for their sake that we must stop the unsustainable exploitation of water resources. And it is for the sake of the poor and hungry that we need a ‘Blue Revolution’ in agriculture, focused on increasing productivity per unit of water, or ‘more crop per drop’."
--Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General, in an address to the developing countries "South Summit," of developing countries, April 12, 2000

Improving Human Health

elbaradei"In the battle against disease in the developing world, the Agency is engaged on multiple fronts - not only in making radiotherapy and nuclear medicine available, but also in using nuclear techniques to eradicate disease-bearing pests, perform malnutrition studies, and increase the availability of safe drinking water."
--Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency

Matching Needs and Technologies: the Road Forward

mccarlson"There are so many issues--resource shortages, food safety, clean water availability--for which the adoption of new technologies offers the promise of increased human welfare. Yet the technology in question is never an answer by itself. How will it be used? In whose favour? Under whose regulation? Which communities will bear the downside of new technology use? And how well will all of these be understood in the wider community?"
--Margaret Catley-Carlson, Forum Panel Moderator, Chair, Global Water Partnership

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