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45th Regular Session
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Promoting Food Security
Improving Human Health
Managing Water Resources
Nuclear Technology For Sustainable Development
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Scientific Forum Urges
"Seizing Opportunities":

Nuclear Technologies Can Do More to Meet Food, Health, and Water Needs in Poor Countries, Panel Finds

The time may be ripe for seizing new opportunities and setting more targeted priorities in the tough fight to gain funds and mobilize science and technology for the world's poorest countries, a panel of international experts agreed today.

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Programme and Abstracts (pdf file)
Prof. Sach's Keynote
Dr. ElBaradei's Statement
Session reports:
Food & Water
Final Oral Report

Biting the fly
Eradicating one of Africa's most pernicious insect pests

Saving a mother's life
Radiotherapy offers new hope for women of child rearing age suffering cervical cancer in developing countries

Counting every drop
Isotope hydrology permits better management of precious water supplies and provides a view of climate change through a prism to the past

Finding safe waters below
IAEA Technical Cooperation project supports search for safe groundwater, as Bangladesh battles arsenic contamination and Ethiopia moves to tap vast river basins
The Sci-Tech Edge
Saline Soils
Nutritional Problems
Healthier Lives

"[T]he more than 1 billion people who lack access to safe drinking water live overwhelmingly in developing countries. It is for their sake that we must stop the unsustainable exploitation of water resources. And it is for the sake of the poor and hungry that we need a 'Blue Revolution' in agriculture, focused on increasing productivity per unit of water, or 'more crop per drop'."
--Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General


Organization of African Unity
United Nations Economic and Social Council
Center for International Development, Harvard University
World Development Report 2000/2001, World Bank
United Nations Development Programme
Helping the World's Poorest

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