International Atomic Energy Agency
General Conference
(Unofficial electronic version)
28 September 1999

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Forty-third regular session


GC(43)/1; GC(43)/1/Add.1 and GC(43)/1/Corr.1

At its 3rd plenary meeting, on 28 September 1999, the General Conference adopted the following agenda for the session, allocating the items for initial discussion as indicated.

Item Number Title Allocation for initial discussion

1. Election of officers and appointment of the General Committee Plenary
2. Applications for membership of the Agency (GC(43)/2, GC(43)/28) Plenary
3. Message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations Plenary
4. Statement by the Director General Plenary
5. Arrangements for the Conference  
  (a) Adoption of the agenda and allocation of items for initial discussion General Committee
  (b) Closing date of the session and opening date of the next session General Committee
6. Contributions to the Technical Co-operation Fund for 2000 (GC(43)/25/Rev.1) Plenary
7. General debate and Annual Report for 1998 (GC(43)/4) Plenary
8. Election of Members to the Board of Governors (GC(43)/3) Plenary
9. The Agency's accounts for 1998 (GC(43)/5) Committee of the Whole
10. The Agency's budget for 2000 (GC(43)/6, GC(43)/INF/11, GC(43)/INF/12) Committee of the Whole
11. Amendment to Article XIV of the Statute (GC(43)/24) Committee of the Whole
12. Appointment of the External Autitor (GC(43)/14) Plenary
13. Scale of assessment of Members' contributions towards the Regular Budget (GC(43)/15) Committee of the Whole
14. Measures to strengthen international co-operation in nuclear, radiation and waste safety  
 . (a) Secretariat's report on measures to strengthen international co-operation in nuclear, radiation and waste safety (GC(43)/INF/4, GC(43)/INF/5, GC(43)/INF/6, GC(43)/INF/8) Committee of the Whole
 . (b) Safety of transport of radioactive materials (GC(43)/9) Committee of the Whole
 . (c) The safety of radiation sources and the security of radioactive materials (GC(43)/10, and Corr.1) Committee of the Whole
 . (d) The Convention on Nuclear Safety (GC(43)/11) Committee of the Whole
15. Measures to address the year 2000 (Y2K) issue (GC(43)/7, GC(43)/INF/14) Committee of the Whole
16. Strengthening of the Agency's technical co-operation activities (GC(43)/INF/3) Committee of the Whole
17. Plan for producing potable water economically (GC(43)/20) Committee of the Whole
18. Extensive use of isotope hydrology for water resources management (GC(43)/21) Committee of the Whole
19. Strengthening the effectiveness and improving the efficiency of the safeguards system and application of the Model Protocol (GC(43)/22) Committee of the Whole
20. Measures against illicit trafficking in nuclear materials and other radioactive sources (GC(43)/13) Committee of the Whole
21. Amendment to Article VI of the Statute (GC(43)/12 and Corr.1, GC(43)/29 and Add.1) Committee of the Whole
22. Implementation of the agreement between the Agency and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for the application of safeguards in connection with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons GC(43)/23) Plenary
23. Implementation of United Nations Security Council resolutions relating to Iraq (GC(43)/16, GC(43)/INF/16) Plenary
24. Implementation of IAEA safeguards in the Middle East (GC(43)/17, Add.1, Add.1/Corr.1 and Add.2) Plenary
25. Israeli nuclear capabilities and threat (GC(43)/8) Plenary
26. Personnel  
  (a) Staffing of the Agency's Secretariat (GC(43)/18 (Corrected) and Corr.2, GC(43)/30) Committee of the Whole
  (b) Women in the Secretariat (GC(43)/19, GC(43)/30) Committee of the Whole
27. Elections to the Agency's Staff Pension Committee Committee of the Whole
28. Examination of delegates' credentials General Committee
29. Report on contributions pledged to the Technical Co-operation Fund for 2000 Plenary

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