Luxembourg, Ambassador Georges Santer, Resident Representative to the IAEA:

Luxembourg expressed its full commitment to the statement made by Austria on behalf of the European Union and associated countries, particularly with regard to nuclear weapons tests conducted this year by India and Pakistan and to the regional tensions provoked by Iraq and the DPRK. He was pleased to note the conclusion of three Additional Protocols between Member States of the EU, EURATOM and the IAEA, and noted that Luxembourg and other EU Member States had signed the protocol this week. Luxembourg had recognised the significance of these Protocols and assigned them high priority during its presidency of the EU in the second half of 1997. He went on to commend the excellent co-operation between the Agency and EURATOM, which has its headquarters in Luxembourg, and noted that this would be a major factor in reducing cost while ensuring the quality of safeguards work. The delegate hailed the regime established by the Convention on Nuclear Safety and urged all States, but particularly those with NPPs, to accede to the Convention. He attached great importance to periodical meetings to review and verify national reports, and looked forward with interest to the first such meeting of States Parties to be held next spring. All States were urged to accede to the Joint Convention on Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management without delay. In closing , the delegate invited all States to accede to the NPT in the interest of peace and security, and expressed his hopes that negotiation on the so-called cut-off treaty would soon reach their goal; he noted that the IAEA would play an integral part of the verification system to be established in this future treaty. The delegate hailed the role of the IAEA in preparing new legal instruments in its field, and stated that these efforts would further enhance the Agency's already prestigious image as an international institution serving the interests of safety, security, nuclear non-proliferation, and human social and economical development.

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