An outline of the new strategy for TC is presented, including Model Project standards, country programme frameworks, thematic planning and other concepts. para 7 - 16
36 new Model Projects were formulated during 1996 and a significant number of end-user focused projects were approved for the 1997-98 TC programme. para 20 - 111
TCDC efforts were strengthened by countries becoming more involved with design and implementation of their own programmes, within the three regional agreements. para 112 - 115
The integrated evaluation framework using verifiable performance indicators was launched in 1996. para 119 121
Automation took a major step forward with the implementation of two new applications and the project pipeline software for the new biennium included workplans for the first time. para 18
New resources totalled $63.2 million, disbursements reached $59.5 million and the implementation rate was 75.4%. para 130, 131 133
A total of 39 Member States pledged 100% of their TCF target, and their total contributions to the programme are reviewed. para 155 - 160
There was a strong delivery by component with 3,610 expert assignments, 3,848 fellows and visiting scientists, 3,919 equipment purchase orders and 1,718 training course participants. para 163, 166, 170, 173
Activities in hydrology exemplified the new directions by focusing on end-users. para 22, 24, 27 47, 49, 51, 59, 78, 79
Some projects demonstrated significant end-user benefits:
In the United Republic of Tanzania, the aerial release of sterile flies on Zanzibar were expanded to cover the entire island and no wild fly has been captured since September 1996; para 36
In Mongolia, the teletherapy machine provided almost 10,000 treatment sessions of radiation therapy; para 64
In Uruguay, all newborn babies are now being screened for hypothyroidism; para 47
In West Asia, three countries participating in the regional rinderpest project are expected to make provisional declaration of freedom from rinderpest in 1997; and para 75
In Hungary, the Maintenance Training Centre (MTC) is completed. para 96
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