40th IAEA General Conference (1996) Resolutions and Other Decisions

Resolutions Adopted by the General Conference

?Application by the Republic of Moldova for Membership of the Agency GC(40)/RES/1
?An African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone GC(40)/RES/2
?Examination of Delegates' Credentials GC(40)/RES/3
?Implementation of the Agreements Between the Agency and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for the Application of Safeguards in Connection with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons GC(40)/RES/4
?The Agency's Accounts for 1995 GC(40)/RES/5
Regular Budget Appropriations for 1997 GC(40)/RES/6
?Technical Co-operation Fund Allocation for 1997 GC(40)/RES/7
?The Working Capital Fund in 1997 GC(40)/RES/8
?Scale of Assessment of Members' Contributions for 1997 GC(40)/RES/9
?The Convention on Nuclear Safety GC(40)/RES/10
A Convention on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management GC(40)/RES/11
Measures to Resolve International Radioactive Waste Management Issues: Establishing Predisposal Waste Demonstration Centres GC(40)/RES/12
?Strengthening of the Agency's Technical Co-operation Activities GC(40)/RES/13
?Plan for Producing Potable Water Economically GC(40)/RES/14
?Extensive Use of Isotope Hydrology for Water Resources Management GC(40)/RES/15
?Strengthening the Effectiveness and Improving the Efficiency of the Safeguards System GC(40)/RES/16
Measures Against Illicit Trafficking in Nuclear Materials and Other Radioactive Sources GC(40)/RES/17
Staffing of the Agency's Secretariat GC(40)/RES/18
Women in the Secretariat GC(40)/RES/19
Amendment of Article VI of The Statute GC(40)/RES/20
?The Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions Relating to Iraq GC(40)/RES/21
?Application of IAEA Safeguards in the Middle East GC(40)/RES/22

Decisions of the General Conference

?Election of the President GC(40)/DEC/1
?Election of Vice-President GC(40)/DEC/2
?Election of the Chairman of the Committee of the Whole GC(40)/DEC/3
?Election of additional members of the items for initial discussion GC(40)/DEC/4
?Adoption of the Agenda and allocation of items for initial discussion GC(40)/DEC/5
?Closing date of the session GC(40)/DEC/6
?Opening date of the forty-first regular session of the General Conference GC(40)/DEC/7
?Requests for the restoration of voting rights GC(40)/DEC/8
Election of Members to the Board of Governors GC(40)/DEC/9
?Elections to the Agency's Staff Pension Committee GC(40)/DEC/10
?Study of the radiological situation at the Atolls of Muruora and Fangataufa GC(40)/DEC/11
?Measures to strengthen international cooperation in nuclear, radiation and waste safety GC(40)/DEC/12
?Liability for nuclear damage GC(40)/DEC/13
?Composition of regional groups GC(40)/DEC/14
Application of IAEA Safeguards in the Middle East GC(40)/DEC/15