International Atomic Energy Agency
General Conference
(Unofficial electronic version)
August 1996

Fortieth regular session

The Agency's Programme and Budget for 1997 and 1998

Note: The following is an excerpt from document GC(40)/10. The full text and tables are not presented here.


1. In accordance with Article XIV.A of the Statute, the Board of Governors hereby submits to the General Conference the Agency's programme and budget estimates for 1997 and 1998. The Board requests the General Conference to adopt the draft resolutions in respect of 1997 set out in Annex I.

2. The programme proposals for 1997-1998 involve:

- the consolidation, discontinuation or phasing down of certain activities deemed to be of less importance than hitherto;

- the assumption of significant savings in the areas of travel costs and translation, general services, printing and procurement;

- significant redistribution of the resulting resources to additional programme activities in Major Programme 1 (Nuclear Power and Fuel Cycle), Major Programme 2 (Nuclear Applications), Major Programme 3 (Nuclear, Radiation and Waste Safety), and Major Programme 5 (Management of Technical Co-operation for Development); and

- an increase in the overall resources for Major Programme 4 (Nuclear Verification and Security of Material) in addition to an internal redistribution.


Regular Budget

10. The budget estimates for 1997 and 1998 have been based on an exchange rate of AS12.70 to US$1.00, the same used for the 1996 estimates. In line with the split appropriation and assessment system, the US dollar is used only so as to present the estimates in a single currency, even though the estimates are to a large extent Austrian Schilling based and only to a small extent linked to the US dollar.

11. For 1997, the total regular budget estimates amount to $221 992 000, of which $216 698 000 are foreseen for Agency programmes and the balance of $5 294 000 represents reimbursable work for others (see Table 1). The latter amount has to be covered completely by income in respect of the services provided to other international organizations or other Funds

12. The preliminary regular budget estimates for 1998 amount to $230 060 000, of which $224 568 000 are in respect of Agency programmes.

13. The budget estimates for 1998 have been prepared with the same degree of detail and accuracy as those for 1997 and are considered to be a realistic assessment of the financial resources which will be necessary for the implementation of the 1998 programme. They may, however, require adjustment as a result of possible changes in programme emphasis or of factors outside the control of the Agency.

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