40th IAEA General Conference (1996) Agenda


It. Nr. [Allocation for initial discussion]Title Documents Resolutions/Decisions
1 [Plenary] Election of officers and appointment of the General Committee
2 [Plenary] Applications for membership of the Agency
3 [Plenary] Message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations
4 [Plenary] Statement by the Director General
5 [General Committee] Arrangements for the Conference
a [General Committee] Adoption of the agenda and allocation of items for initial discussion
b [General Committee] Closing date of the session and opening date of the next session
6 [Plenary] Voluntary contributions to the Technical Co-operation Fund for 1997
7 [Plenary] General debate and annual report for 1995
8 [Plenary] Election of Members to the Board of Governors
9 [Committee of the Whole] The Agency's accounts for 1995
10 [Committee of the Whole] The Agency's programme and budget for 1997 and 1998
11 [Committee of the Whole] Scale of assessment of Members' contributions towards the Regular Budget
12 [Committee of the Whole] Measures to strengthen international co-operation in nuclear, radiation and waste safety
13 [Committee of the Whole] Strengthening of the Agency's technical co-operation activities
14 [Committee of the Whole] Plan for producing potable water economically
15 [Committee of the Whole] Extensive use of isotope hydrology for water resources management
16 [Committee of the Whole] Strengthening the effectiveness and improving the efficiency of the safeguards system
17 [Committee of the Whole] Measures against illicit trafficking in nuclear materials and other radioactive sources
18 [Committee of the Whole] Personnel questions
a [Committee of the Whole] Staffing of the Agency's Secretariat
b [Committee of the Whole] Women in the Secretariat
19 [Committee of the Whole] Article VI of the Statute
a [Committee of the Whole] Amendment of Article VI
b [Committee of the Whole] Composition of regional groups
20 [Plenary] Implementation of the agreement between the Agency and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for the application of safeguardsin connection with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
21 [Plenary] An African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone
22 [Plenary] Implementation of United Nations Security Council resolutions relating to Iraq
23 [Plenary] Application of IAEA safeguards in the Middle East
24 [General Committee] Examination of delegates' credentials
25 [Plenary] Elections to the Agency's Staff Pension Committee
26 [Plenary] Report on voluntary contributions to the Technical Co-operation Fund for 1997