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24 April 2015 News Story

Building Confidence and Trust during a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

Intense discussions and sharing lessons learned as well as innovative ideas were the hallmarks of the ninth International Experts Meeting (IEM) which focused on assessment and prognosis in response to a nuclear or radiological emergency. Two hundred experts from 70 countries and five internationa

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24 April 2015 News Story

World Malaria Day: How a Nuclear Technique Could Provide a Future Method for Mosquito Control

A nuclear technique successfully used to control the spread of various pests could, in the future, contribute to combatting mosquitos and the diseases they carry.

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IAEA workshop on monitoring during a nuclear or radiological emergency
23 April 2015 News Story

IAEA Helps Strengthen Emergency Preparedness and Response Skills at Workshop in Fukushima

Radiological monitoring and environmental sampling are some of the most important activities responders would need to engage in during and immediately after a nuclear or radiological emergency to achieve their most important task: protecting the public.

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Rad Detection
22 April 2015 News Story

Bringing the Realization of a Strengthened Global Nuclear Security Framework Ever Closer

The entry into force of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) is vitally important to the global nuclear security framework. This was the core message the IAEA and its partners delivered to participants of a workshop on facilitating adherence to an

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Dao Thanh Canh
21 April 2015 News Story

IAEA Impact: Viet Nam Tackles Soil Erosion With Nuclear Techniques

Dao Thanh Canh never studied physics or chemistry in school, but he understands a thing or two about nuclear isotopes. Until a couple of years ago, much of his five-acre farm on the hills of central Viet Nam was gradually sliding away.

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Third Conference on Energy and Nuclear Power in Africa - Assessing African Energy Needs and Planning for the Future
21 April 2015 News Story

Nuclear Energy Contributes to Development: Energy Conference in Africa Looks at Options

Africa's energy future, as well as opportunities for regional cooperation in nuclear energy development, were the focus of discussions at the Third Conference on Energy and Nuclear Power in Africa — Assessing African Energy Needs and Planning for the Future, organized by the IAEA in Kenya last week.

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How the atom benefits life
20 April 2015 News Story

How the Atom Benefits Life

Nuclear technologies are used world-wide to meet some of the fundamental needs of modern daily life. These include access to energy and proper medical care, food production and the management of water resources.

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UN New York
20 April 2015 News Story

Nuclear Technology for Development: Contributing to the Implementation of the NPT

High-level government representatives will discuss the benefits of nuclear science and technology for development at an event organized by the IAEA on the margins of the 2015 Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non‑Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) on 27 April 2015 in New York.

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