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WNU Summer Institute

Applications are now open for the WNU Summer Institute 2014, which will be held 5 July - 16 August 2014 at Christ Church, Oxford University, UK. The deadline to apply for IAEA funding is 16 November 2013, and the deadline for self- or company-funded places is  31 January 2014.

Applicants must apply directly to the WNU

The WNU Summer Institute is an intensive six-week programme for future nuclear leaders held annually at Christ Church, a leading college of Oxford University.

The Summer Institute offers a comprehensive programme of lectures, tutorials, field trips to nuclear and industrial facilities, and team projects led by some of the world’s foremost authorities.  These cover the global environment and sustainable development, nuclear-related technology innovation, nuclear diplomacy, and nuclear operations.  The programme also includes cultural and social events.
Each WNU Summer Institute involves some 100 WNU Fellows, selected from promising nuclear professionals who have demonstrated strong leadership potential. WNU Fellows become part of an expanding global  network of future leaders in the nuclear profession.

The WNU SI programme is aimed at nuclear professionals between 27 and 37 years of age.
Since the Summer Institute’s inception in 2005, a total of some 800 Fellows from more than 70 countries have completed the WNU SI programme.
The WNU Summer Institute is organized by the WNU Coordinating Centre in London, in cooperation with the Founding Supporters (IAEA, OECD/NEA, WANO, WNA).

The WNU Summer Institute curriculum breaks down into the four following areas:
Global Setting: including energy supply and demand, global warming and climate change, nuclear technology in sustainable development, public acceptance, and key political issues and trends
International Regimes: including safety, radiological protection, non-proliferation and security, waste management, transport, and nuclear law
Technology Innovation: including current and next-generation reactors, advanced fuel cycle, hydrogen production, desalination, advanced battery power
Nuclear Industry Operations: including operational safety and excellence, the nuclear fuel market, industry economics and knowledge management.

Click here to view the WNU Summer Institute announcement.
Please click here for a short video on the SI, how to apply and details on the full range of WNU programmes.

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