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As fellow or scientific visitor

Fellowships can be awarded as part of a technical cooperation project or on an individual basis as a direct contribution to the manpower development of the country's atomic energy programme. They provide opportunities for the training of the necessary personnel to undertake the development of atomic energy applications for peaceful purposes in their own countries.

Fellowships are normally awarded for periods of up to one year, and in certain cases extensions for further periods may be considered. These fellowships are available to university graduates or their equivalent and to individuals at technician level in the requested field, mainly through project-oriented on-the-job training.
Subject to the availability of funds and/or suitable training opportunities, candidates are selected on the basis of educational and professional qualifications, the needs of the Member State concerned, the number of fellowships previously awarded to that State and the language proficiency of the nominee.

Scientific visits

Scientific visits are awarded to senior staff for the purpose of studying the development of nuclear science and technology, organizational aspects and functioning of special services, training programmes and schools in nuclear science, and observing research activities. These awards are intended to broaden the scientific or managerial qualifications of specialists in developing countries and for a duration not exceeding two weeks.

Applying for a fellowship or scientific visit

The IAEA application forms for fellowships and scientific visits must be submitted to the Agency through governmental channels and priority is given to requests associated with projects of direct benefit to the Member States. For more information please refer to InTouch.

All potential applicants are encouraged to apply online using InTouch. However, for users with a lower bandwidth, nomination forms etc. are available to download in the links below:

Download the Nomination Form for Fellowship
As PDF - English | French | Spanish
As a Word document - English | French | Spanish

Download the Nomination Form for Scientific Visit

As PDF - English | French | Spanish
As a Word document - English | French | Spanish

Other Information

Guide for IAEA fellows - Arabic | English | French | Spanish | Russian

Guide for IAEA Scientific Visitors - Arabic | English | French | Spanish | Russian

Guide for Vanbreda International Insurance Scheme - English | French | Spanish


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