2009 School of Nuclear Knowledge Management

28Sept-2Oct 2009, Trieste, Italy

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Opening Session
1. School of nuclear knowledge management: strategy, approach and achievements
Andrei Kosilov, IAEA
  1.19 Mb
2. Managing Nuclear Knowledge – A necessity for the Energy System of the 21st century.
Yanko Yanev, IAEA
  5.41 Mb
3. Invited presentation
Strategies for the Best Use of Nuclear Knowledge Management
Gail Marcus, USA
  750 Kb
Session1. Basics of Knowledge Management
1. Basic Approaches and Definitions of Knowledge Management
Andrey Kosilov, IAEA
  2.43 Mb
2. Concepts and Methods for Knowledge Management
Gary Cairns, UK
  1.05 Mb
3. Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Exchange and Knowledge Sharing
Ed Boyles, USA
  2.59 Mb
4. Implementation of KM Projects
Gary Cairns, UK
  463 Kb
5. Methods and tools for knowledge preservation
A. Kosilov, IAEA
  1.6 Mb
SESSION 2. Policies and Strategies in Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM)
1. Defining policy and strategy for NKM
Andrey Kosilov, IAEA
  678 Kb
2. NKM in R&D organizations. KM and competency management
Gary Cairns, UK
  2.55 Mb
3. Improving organizational performance with a KM system
Madiba Saidy, IAEA
  1.76 Mb
4. Knowledge Management Strategies in Nuclear Industry Organizations
Ed Boyles, USA
  2.03 Mb
5. Intellectual property in KM context
Gary Cairns, UK, M. Saidy, IAEA
  1.57 Mb
6. Building and Maintaining a Knowledge Sharing Culture
T. Karseka, IAEA
  373 Kb
SESSION 3. Human Resources and Knowledge Transfer
Chair: Ed Boyles, USA
1. Risk Management of Knowledge Loss in Nuclear Industry Organizations
Ed Boyles, USA
  770 Kb
2. Tacit knowledge capture techniques
G. Cairns, UK
  1.91 Mb
3. Human Resource Challenges to KM and Industry best practices for managing an ageing work force
Ed Boyles, USA
  602 Kb
SESSION 4. Managing Nuclear Information Resources
1. Managing Nuclear Information
A. Tolstenkov, Russia
  4.73 Mb
2. IT tools for KM & collaboration
G. Cairns, UK
  995 Kb
3. Introduction to INIS and INIS Demonstration
A. Tolstenkov, Russia
  1.14 Mb
4. Preservation of Nuclear Information and Records
A. Tolstenkov, Russia
  1.42 Kb
5. Practical examples of IT tools to support knowledge management/ Archiving of Web-based Nuclear Information – NuArch Project
A. Pryakhin, IAEA
  340 Kb
6. General Requirements for Nuclear Knowledge Management Portal
A. Pryakhin, IAEA
  2.83 Mb
SESSION 5. Methods and Tools for KM including Practical Examples
1. IAEA Guidance Documents on KM
M. Saidy, IAEA
  3.13 Mb
2. Fast Reactor Knowledge Organization System
A. Pryakhin, IAEA
  277 Kb
3. Knowledge Management: Safety Considerations
P. Firbas, IAEA
  3.87 Mb
4. Practical Approach to KM Maturity Assessment in nuclear organizations
G. Cairns, UK
  341 Kb
SESSION 6. Networking for Education and Training
1. Status and Trends in Nuclear Education
M. Saidy, IAEA
  2.80 Mb
2. The World Nuclear University: Achievements and Perspectives
S. Gorlin, WNA/WNU
  2.00 Mb
3. The European Nuclear Education Network Association - Experience and Perspectives
W. Ambrosini, ENEN Association/Pisa University
  3.05 Mb
4. Educational Approach at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics
C. Tuniz, ICTP
5. Preservation and dissemination of nuclear knowledge with an educational cyber platform
A. Pryakhin, IAEA
  1.54 Mb
6. IT/IM Initiatives to Support Nuclear Education and Training
A. Pryakhin, IAEA
  870 Kb 1.91 Mb
7. Multimedia Nuclear Reactor Physics Course (presentation and demonstration)
M. Saidy and A. Kosilov, IAEA
  806 Kb