The Joint Japan- IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School in Tokaimura

11-29 June 2012
Week3: 25 - 29 June

2012 NEM Schools

Session 11: Management in Nuclear #1 - Knowledge Management

1. Knowledge Management Fundamentals Karseka (NKM, IAEA)
2. Nuclear Knowledge Management – Why and for What? Yanev (NKM, IAEA)
3. Methods and Tools for NKM, the IAEA Products and Services in NKM Pasztory (NKM, IAEA)
4. Nuclear Knowledge and Information Resources Yonezawa (JAEA)

Session 12: Management in Nuclear #2 - Human Resource

1. Human Resource Development Karseka (NKM, IAEA)
2. Workforce Planning and Training Pasztory (NKM, IAEA)
3. Capacity Building, Nuclear Education Yanev (NKM, IAEA)
4. Nuclear Human Resource Development Activities in Asia Yamashita (JAEA)
5. Nuclear Human Resource Development Activities in Japan Sugimoto (Kyoto Univ.)
6. HR Development for Own and New-comer Needs – Case Study of Russia Artisyuk (CICET, Russia)
7. Human Resource Development - Integrated National Perspective for Asia Hanamitsu (NKM, IAEA)

Session 13: Management in Nuclear #3 - Leadership; Networking and Collaboration; Nuclear Sociology

1. Leadership and Management – What’s the difference? Yanev (NKM, IAEA)
2. Organizational Culture, Confidence and Trust -Interactive lecture Karseka (NKM, IAEA)
3. IAEA’s Nuclear Cooperation Programmes for Asia -ANENT, RCA, ANSN Hanamitsu (NKM, IAEA)
4. Japan’s Nuclear Cooperation Programmes for Asia Machi (FNCA; JAEA)
5. Russia’s National Approaches in Developing Nuclear Program Artisyuk (CICET, Russia)
6. Management of Japan’s Radiation Risk Sakai (NIRS)
7. Nuclear Sociology Yanev (NKM, IAEA)