The Joint Japan- IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School in Tokaimura

11-29 June 2012
Week1: 11 - 15 June

2012 NEM Schools

Preliminary Session: Opening, Introduction:

1. Objectives of the School and Programme Yanev (NKM, IAEA)
Uesaka (Univ. of Tokyo)
2. Programme Overview Karseka (NKM, IAEA)

Session 1: Energy Planning and Economics:

1. Nuclear Power – Present, Past and Future Bychkov (DDG-NE, IAEA)
2. World Energy Outlook 2011/2012 Tanaka (IEEJ)
3. Energy Planning and contemporary challenges Rogner (PESS, IAEA)
4. Economics of Nuclear Power Suzuki (JAEC)
5. Current Practices of Financing NPPs Rogner (PESS, IAEA)

Session 2: Asia – Nuclear Power

1. Asian Energy Planning 1 - Energy Balance - DOI (IEEJ)
2. Asian Energy Planning 2 - Energy Outlook - FUJII (Univ. of Tokyo)
3. Regional Commonality Energy Policies, Possible or not, - Discussion Session Adachi (NKM, IAEA)
4. India’s Nuclear Energy Development Grover (Govt. of India)
5. Nuclear Development After Fukushima Hattori (JAIF)
6. Japan’s Nuclear Energy Development Omoto (JAEC)
6. Nuclear English 1 Cohen-Unger (Consultant)

Session 3: : Nuclear Infrastructure

1. Milestone Approach to develop a National Nuclear Power Programme Aoki (INIG, IAEA)
2. Developing the NPP project—from the bidding process to managing construction Aoki (INIG, IAEA)
3. China’s Nuclear Energy Development Yang (CNEA)
4. Role of Nuclear Power in Environmental Strategies Janardhanan (IGES)

Session 4: National Nuclear Law, International Legal Obligations

1. Introduction to Nuclear Law Tonhauser (OLA, IAEA)
2. The International Legal Framework for Nuclear Safety and Security Tonhauser (OLA, IAEA)
3. Overview of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime Rockwood (OLA, IAEA)
4. The International Legal Framework for Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Tonhauser (OLA, IAEA)
5. Export Control Rockwood (OLA, IAEA)
6. Japan's Nuclear Regulatory Regime Irie (IEEJ)
7. Legal Aspects on Radioactive Waste Management Tonhauser (OLA, IAEA)

Session 5: Nuclear Power Reactor Technology, Fuel Cycle and Waste Management

1. Current Reactor Technology Harper (NPTDS, IAEA)
2. Current Reactor Technology II – Case Study Ishibashi (Toshiba)
Yoshimura (Hitachi-GE)
Fujii (Mitsubishi)
3. Advanced Reactor Development Sagayama (JAEA)
4. Nuclear Fuel Cycle Bychkov (DDG-NE, IAEA)
5. Nuclear Waste Management Bychkov (DDG-NE, IAEA)
6. Nuclear Fuel Cycle in Japan Kishimoto (JAEA)