The IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School in UAE

8-19 January 2012

Preliminary Session: Opening, Introduction to Energy Planning:

1. Objectives of the School Yanko Yanev
2. Logistics of the School Tatiana Karseka
3. Nuclear Power – Present, Past and Future Alexander Bychkov
4. World Energy Demand and Supply Rogner /Howells
5. Drivers for Energy Policy Development Holger Rogner
7. Energy Planning and contemporary challenges Howells
8. Lessons Learned from the recent events
Knowledgeable decision making
Akira Omoto

Session 1: Nuclear Power and Economics:

1. Introduction to the IAEA – History, structure, roles Yanko Yanev
2. Economics of Nuclear Power Holger Rogner
3. NPP Projects: Financing Structures and Introduction to Financial Risk Management Nadira Barkatullah

Session 2: Nuclear Law:

1. Nuclear Legislation, Fitting Nuclear Regulations into Existing National Legal System Carl Stoiber
2. The International Legal Framework for Nuclear Safety and Security Carl Stoiber
3. The International Legal Framework for Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Carl Stoiber
4. Overview of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime Ionut Suseanu
5. Export Control Ionut Suseanu
6. Legal Considerations on Nuclear Waste Management Carl Stoiber
7.Current Status of Nuclear Legislation in UAE FANR (Christer Viktorsson

Session 3: National Nuclear Infrastructure from Planning to Decommissioning:

1. Milestone Approach to develop a National Nuclear Power Programme Anne Starz
2. Commissioning, Operation and Life Management of NPPs  
3. Integrated Management of a Nuclear Organization (R&D, NPP, Utility, Regulatory Body, Suppliers, etc.) Yanev/Starz
4. Capacity Building for Nuclear Industry Yanko Yanev
5. Nuclear Infrastructure  for R&D and Applications (Research reactors and Accelerators)
Lecture 1 | Lecture 2
Danas Ridikas
6. Current Issues in Nuclear Non-power Applications Danas Ridikas, on behalf of Bin Mohamed Daud
7. R&D and Education Infrastructure for UAE President KUSTAR

Session 4: Reactors, Reactor Technologies, Technology Selection:

1. Advanced Nuclear Reactor Designs and Technology for Near Term Deployment M. Hadid Subki
2. Approaches for Nuclear Reactor Technology Assessment and Selection (Case Study on SMR)  Lecture 1 | Lecture 2 M. Hadid Subki
3. UAE experience in Technology Selection ENEC (Mr. Tim Herrmann)
4. Technology Assessment of Innovative Nuclear Energy System and Fuel Cycle based on INPRO Methodology  Randall Beatty
5. Video Session on Reactor Technology, Discussion  Randall Beatty
6. Nuclear Fuel Cycle Arturo Bevilacqua
7. National Policy & Strategy for Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management Arturo Bevilacqua
8. Development Strategy for Capacity Building ENEC (Mr. Kem McCall)

Session 5: Nuclear Safety:

1. Current Issues in Nuclear Safety Denis Flory
2. Basics of Nuclear Installation Safety Miroslav Lipar
3. Safe Management of Radioactive Waste Hans Forsstroem
4. National Regulatory Infrastructure Miroslav Lipar
5. IAEA Safety Standards and their Application Miroslav Lipar
6. Regulatory Infrastructure and Safety in UAE FANR (Christer Viktorsson)

Session 6: Nuclear Security, Emergency Preparedness and Respond:

1. Emergency Preparedness and Response Rafael Martincic
2. Nuclear Terrorism: Target, Consequences and Threats Miroslav Gregoric
3. Nuclear Security Regime for Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities Miroslav Gregoric
4. Nuclear Security Regime for Radioactive Material and Associated Facilities Miroslav Gregoric
5. Nuclear Security for UAE NECMA (Salem Al Qubaisi)
7. Recent Reassessment of a NPP Safety - Stress Tests Bojan Tomic

Session 7: Safeguards:

1. Safeguards Implementation Rebecca Stevens
2. Implementation of Safeguards at a Nuclear Power Plant Rebecca Stevens
3. Preparing for Safeguards Implementation – Safeguards and Milestones Rebecca Stevens

Session 8: Leadership and Management:

1. Leadership and Management – What’s the difference? Yanko Yanev
2. Organizational Culture, Confidence and Trust Tatiana Karseka
3. Specifics of Management in Nuclear Industry – Case UAE ENEC (Mr. Shami Dua)
4. Process of Licensing a NPPs   Bojan Tomic

Session 9: HR and Knowledge Management:

1. Nuclear Knowledge Management – Why and for what? Yanko Yanev
2. Methods and Tools used for Managing Knowledge in Nuclear Organizations Tatiana Karseka/ Yanko Yanev
3. Human Resource Development Brian Molloy
4. Workforce Planning and Training Brian Molloy

Session 10 : Communication ; TEST:

1. General Stakeholder Involvement and public communication Brian Molloy
2. Nuclear Sociology Yanko Yanev
3. Nuclear Power and Communicating Radiation Risks Abel Gonzalez