E-learning is regarded as the most modern and cost effective means to supplement traditional face to face education, and the way forward to provide Member states with more opportunities to access valuable information and knowledge regardless of time and place


The objective of the CLP4NET is to help Member States ensure high standards for nuclear education and training and establish a framework for E-Learning capacity. This is achieved through the use of information technology, in particular web based education and training to the maximum possible extent.

CLP4NET shall encourage senior professionals to share experience and knowledge with young generation, in a way that can attract youth in view of alternative competing career options.

The CLP4NET initiative builds capacity and contributes to goals of sustainable development for Member States by integrating available resources for education and training in synergy with existing IAEA and other educational establishments in key areas of nuclear science and technology that can create better pubic awareness about benefits of nuclear technology and its applications for peaceful purposes.


The CLP4NET was originally developed and installed at the Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2010, where there is increasing need for nuclear human resources development to build the country’s first nuclear power plant. Subsequently other Member States including Korea, Argentina and Ghana, requested IAEA assistance in installing and hosting the CLP4NET for their regions. In line with the Practical Arrangements signed between the IAEA and these countries,  the system was installed in the following institutions to serve as regional hubs in order to promote e-learning capabilities and nuclear knowledge management:

The Cyber Learning Platform (CLP4NET), installed at these institutions, supports the educational networks in various regions, including in the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT), AFRA- Network for Education in Nuclear Science and Technology (AFRA-NEST) and the Latin-American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (LANENT).


Nuclear Education and training are an important aspect of the nuclear field. They are the fundamental underpinnings that support the mandate of the IAEA in its goal “…to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world…” to quote from our Statute. In this regard, networking nuclear education, using the CLP4NET is a uniquely useful medium that contributes towards long-term nuclear safety and security.

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