Visitor Information


The IAEA Library is located in the F tower, first floor, of the Vienna International Centre (VIC).

Access to the IAEA Library is available to staff of government organizations, nuclear research institutes and laboratories, nuclear information centres and libraries in Agency Member States, or affiliated researchers. In all cases access is granted for a limited period of time:

One day: The completed form should be sent to the IAEA Library. More than 1 day: The completed form; 2 passport sized photographs, for residents of Austria: a Fuhrungszeugnis (Certificate of Good Conduct) issued within the last three months (photocopies are not acceptable) should be sent to the IAEA Library. All forms should be submitted to the IAEA Library at least two weeks prior to the intended visit.

Official Holidays

Monday 9 June Whit Monday
Monday 28 July Eid al-Fitr
Friday 3 October in lieu of 4 October (Eid al-Adha)
Monday 27 October in lieu of 26 October (Austrian National Day)
Thursday 25 December Christmas Day
Friday 26 December St. Stephen's Day
Tuesday 1 January New Year’s Day
Friday 3 April Good Friday
Monday 6 April Easter Monday
Friday 1 May May Day
Monday 25 May Whit Monday
Friday 17 July Eid al-Fitr
Wednesday 23 September Eid al-Adha
Monday 26 October Austrian National Day
Friday 25 December Christmas Day
Monday 28 December in lieu of 26 December (St. Stephen's Day)