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The INLN reaches 50!

As of March 2014, the Nuclear Energy Department of the Ministry of Economy of Poland has become the fiftieth member of the INLN. The INLN momentum continues unabated; currently, institutions from 32 countries constitute the INLN, and actively participate in this global nuclear information management initiative. Contact details of the new INLN members can be found here.

Governance of the INLN

TNRCIn order to increase coordination and collaboration among Network libraries in providing services to users, and ensure access to information for the global nuclear community while making efficient use of library expenditures, the Network established an INLN Web Coordination Group – its governance team – which regularly convenes online. The Group aims to direct the Network’s evolution towards a distributed and coordinated nuclear community, and secure its future sustainability. Institutions from Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, Mexico plus the IAEA Library, constitute the Group which works towards leveraging technology and information flows to deliver point-of-need access to library services for nuclear researchers. More on the story →.

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