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31 October 2014

Transcript 141107


IAEA Headquarters Vienna

14 November 2007

IAEA Director General Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei and US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Christopher Hill, spoke to the press after meeting in Vienna to discuss the DPRK verification issue.

MOHAMED ELBARADEI, DIRECTOR GENERAL, IAEA: I welcome Assistant Secretary Mr. Chris Hill here to Vienna, to the IAEA. We had an excellent meeting, exchanging views on how to move forward on the DPRK verification issue and the regularization of relations between the DPRK and the international community. Obviously, we were looking into the verification of the shutdown of the Pyongyang nuclear facility, and we discussed our future role when the Joint Statement is going to be implemented and when the DPRK comes back to the NPT. I think it was a very constructive meeting. It was very useful for me to have exchanged views with Secretary Hill today. I think we are moving in the right direction, I think we are on the same page.

CHRISTOPHER HILL, US ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE FOR EAST ASIAN AND PACIFIC AFFAIRS: Thank you very much Dr. ElBaradei. We had a very good discussion and exchange of information. We have been cooperating very closely throughout this process, and I took the occasion of this meeting to express appreciation for the speed with which the IAEA moved to get on the ground in Yongbyon in July when the shutdown of the facilities took place. We also talked about the fact that while we are in the middle of that process, we are certainly not at the end of it. The end of the process is when the DPRK is in the NPT with IAEA safeguards. So we look forward to continue to cooperate, to work together to achieve that end. So it is a great occasion to be here. I am here with our Ambassador Greg Schulte and it is a great opportunity to be here in Vienna. So thank you.

ElBARADEI: We will take a couple of questions.

O: When will the DPRK give the full list and what role will there be for the IAEA?

HILL: I think we are expecting to get the list at some point soon. As you know they are required to provide us the list by the end of the year. We want to make sure that the list is complete and obviously we will be working very, very closely with the IAEA on that matter.

ELBARADEI: As Assistant Secretary Hill mentioned, when the DPRK comes back to the NPT, a prerequisite will be for us to verify the declaration and make sure that all the nuclear material in the DPRK is under safeguards. How will that play out, the timeline I mean, it is still subject of discussion between the six parties and the DPRK. But we are ready and willing to do it when we are asked to do it.

Q: Latest report in the Washington Post on the DPRK regarding a parallel uranium enrichment programme in the DPRK?

HILL: I saw that report. All I can say is that on August 15 during the meeting in Shangyang of the denuclearization working group, the DPRK informed the rest of us that they understood the importance of resolving this matter to everyone´s satisfaction. And indeed since that time we have been working with the DPRK on trying to resolve the matter. I say that we have made some progress but we have by no means resolved this issue up until now. But we are continuing to work with them. I think it is not very helpful to try to get into the details at that point. We are very much in the middle of the process but I think that the DPRK understands this issue very well and this was reflected in their statements at the denuclearization working group that this matter must be resolved to mutual satisfaction. That is what we all need to be satisfied that this matter is behind us.

Q: You said you work very closely with the IAEA. Does that mean that the IAEA will or will not help you verify the declaration?

ELBARADEI: We will have to verify the declaration as of when the DPRK comes to the NPT. There might be a discussion between the Six Parties on the declaration with the DPRK at the initial stage, but ultimately we will have to verify the declaration. And as I say, this is a process, and the process is going in the right direction and you just have to bear with us. The important thing is to eventually bring back the DPRK to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and have a full regular relationship between the DPRK and the international community, a comprehensive package, as secretary Hill is working hard to achieve. Thank you very much.