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Transcripts of Interviews

Transcript of Director General´s Remarks to Media, on Occasion of IAEA Board Meeting

IAEA Headquarters Vienna

Delivered 11 September 2006

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This is a rush transcript. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

Good morning to you. We are going to start our Board of Governors deliberations this morning. We have a number of important items on our agenda that have to do with Nuclear Safety, Security, non-proliferation issues. One of the important issues we have on our agenda is my report to the Board and in parallel to the Security Council on Iran's compliance with the requirements of the Board and of the Security Council. I am going to report, as you probably know, that Iran has not come into full compliance with the request by the Board and the Security Council to take certain measures, particularly to suspend its enrichment and reprocessing related activities as a confidence building measure for a period of time. And also to work with the Agency to clarify important outstanding issues that have been there for over three years now, issues that relate to the scope and nature of Iran's enrichment programme. This is clearly a matter of serious concern for me because we need to bring our verification of Iran's past programme to a closure as early as we can. And as I said after three years this is, in my view, much over due.

I am, at the same time, encouraged that there is an on going dialogue between Iran and its European and other partners, that aim to bring Iran into compliance with the Board of Governor's and Security Council requirements and also to create the conditions for the parties to go back into negotiation that aim to find a long term solution to the Iranian issue which is one of the most complex issues with security, political, economic dimensions.

I hope that all the parties will make every effort to be able to go back to negotiations. I still believe that negotiation is the best option to find a durable solution. I have been in contact with Mr. Larijani and Mr. Solana yesterday and I know both of them are making every effort to try to find areas of agreement. I hope when they meet next week that we will be able to see agreement to go back to the negotiating table. The window of opportunity however is not very long. I think the international community is concerned about Iran's non-compliance with Board and the Security Council requirements and they would like to see progress in that domain. They would also like to see progress in getting back all the parties to the negotiating table and start discussing the package of proposals presented by the 6 (the P-5 plus one) and also discussing the Iranian response. The Agency and I obviously will remain ready to do whatever we can to help clarify Iran's nuclear programme and to help the parties as far as we can, go back to the negotiating table. Thank you very much.