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Unofficial Transcript of Remarks

Transcript of the Director General´s Press Statement

Washington, DC, Following Meeting with US Secretary of State Colin Powell

21 June 2004

"We had a very constructive meeting reviewing some of the nonproliferation issues that are on our agenda, the IAEA agenda.

On Iran, I think I repeated to Secretary Powell the commitment of the Agency that we need to bring this issue to a close as soon as we can; that I have been asking, as the Board also have been asking Iran to become proactive, to become transparent and to be fully cooperative. And I hope I see that mode of cooperation in the next few months. I think the international community is urgently seeking assurance from the Agency that Iran program is exclusively for peaceful purpose.

On Libya, I think, as the Secretary mentioned, it has been a model of cooperation to remove a country's proscribed programs from that country and to dedicate Libya's energy to peaceful nuclear activities. We are working very closely with the Libyans to ensure that they will make full use of the benefit of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

On North Korea, again, I reaffirm my conviction that the earlier we are in a position to resolve the North Korean issue, which I find one of the most dangerous challenges facing the international community, the better. The Secretary briefed me on the new round of talks and I look forward that soon we will be in a position to go back and verify the North Korean program and make sure that it is all under Agency verification."