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IAEA Removes Seals from Plant in Yongbyon

24 September 2008 | Following is a statement to the media by IAEA Spokesperson Melissa Fleming on the situation in the DPRK: "As the Director General reported to the Board on Monday, the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, the DPRK, asked the IAEA to remove seals and surveillance from the reprocessing plant in Yongbyon. This work was completed today. There are no more IAEA seals and surveillance equipment in place at the reprocessing facility. The DPRK has also informed the IAEA inspectors that they plan to introduce nuclear material to the reprocessing plant in one week´s time. They further stated that from here on the IAEA inspectors will have no further access to the reprocessing plant." Related Resources: » Video: Press Briefing - IAEA Removes Seals from Plant in Yongbyon » IAEA Board of Governors » In Focus: IAEA and DPRK