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World´s Regulators Meet on Global Nuclear Safety and Security Regime

Efforts to upgrade nuclear and radiological security

Efforts to upgrade nuclear and radiological security are being supported by the IAEA in many countries. (Photo: V. Mouchkin/IAEA)

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Many of the world´s senior officials regulating nuclear safety and security will meet next week at an IAEA conference in Moscow, Russia, from 27 February - 3 March 2006.

The aim of the International Conference On Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems is to develop a common understanding, approaches and means to face current challenges in nuclear and radiation safety and nuclear security.

Issues of independence, regulatory effectiveness and international co-operation are high on the agenda, as some 300 senior regulators from nearly 70 countries meet to consider recommendations on:

  • The effectiveness and sustainability of national regulatory systems for the safe and secure use of nuclear energy and radiation by addressing key factors and challenges;
  • The review and further development of regulatory approaches for the use of advanced technologies and innovative designs to enhance nuclear and radiation safety and interfaces with nuclear security; and
  • Additional instruments and mechanisms for co-operation among regulators in international forums to respond to current and future challenges.

Some 100 international press are registered to cover the event, which is expected to provide a platform to enhance the global nuclear safety and security regulatory regime.