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The Little Singers of Hyogo Inami

hildren's Choir from Japan Visits the IAEA and International Organizations in Vienna


The Inami Boys and Girls Choir of Japan performing at the Vienna International Centre. (Credit: D. Calma / IAEA).

A group of Japanese children visited the IAEA and Vienna International Centre 28 March 2002 as part of a four-city European tour. During their visit, the children met with IAEA Public Information Director Mark Gwozdecky and other staff to learn about nuclear energy and the work of the IAEA. The choir members then performed a concert featuring Japanese folk music.

The children - from four years old up to college level - belong to the Inami Boys and Girls Choir of Japan. The group was established in January 1990 and has conducted four international tours so far, three of which have been in Europe. The leader of the choir group is Mr. Nobuhito Tsubakino, an elementary school teacher.

Vienna is the second leg of the choir's 4-city European tour, after Regensburg in Germany. The Japanese children's choir also perform in Kesthely and Budapest in Hungary.

Inami town is located in Hyogo Prefecture, which also includes the city of Kobe. The town has a population of 30,000. The name Inami means Rice Beauty and the town is noted for its rice and sake production.