Keeping Radioactive Sources Safe and Secure - Preventing Loss, Theft and Misuse

Published: 5 November 2013

<strong>Basic Ionizing Radiation Symbol:</strong> To signify the presence of ionizing radiation and to identify sources and devices that emit ionizing radiation. <strong>Ionizing-Radiation Warning - Supplementary Symbol:</strong> To warn of the presence of a dangerous level of ionizing radiation from a high-level sealed radioactive source. <strong>Identifying Sources:</strong>  Various Cs-137 and Co-60 sources. (Max. length: 16 mm; Max. diam.: 8 mm) <br /><br />(Photo: Eckert andd Ziegler) <strong>Identifying Sources:</strong>  These devices may contain sealed radioactive sources. <br /><br />(Photo: D. Mroz/IAEA) <strong>Identifying sources:</strong> Devices containing sealed radioactive sources in a storage facility operated by a Government agency. <br /><br />(Photo: E. Reber/IAEA) <strong>Identifying Sources:</strong>  This transport package contains a teletherapy source, which was no longer used for its intended purpose, and was stored without proper control increasing the risk of accidental exposure to the public.<br /><br />(Photo: E. Reber/IAEA) <strong>Identifying Sources:</strong> Emergency response team identifying and segregating contaminated objects following loss of control of irradiator containing sealed sources at Mayapuri, New Delhi, India.  <br /><br />(Photo: Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Government of India) To benefit humankind, radiation is used in medicine to diagnose and treat diseases. <br /><br /><strong>Medical Use:</strong> Teletherapy machine in operation. <br /><br />(Photo: P. Pavlicek/IAEA) Industrial radiography uses ionizing radiation to view objects in a way that cannot be seen otherwise.  Here welders use a radiography device to take images of a weld made on a pipe flange. <br /><br />(Photo: ETI Ewer Testing and Inspection) Industrial process gauges containing sources are used in a variety of applications for process control. <br /><br />(Photo: E. Reber/IAEA) 'Nuclear' gauges containing sources are used to determine the moisture content of soil. <br /><br />(Photo: Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.)