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Building Human Resources for Nuclear Power
Nuclear Science and Technology for Better Health
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Mitigating Climate Change With Nuclear Technologies

Top Stories and News

India's Additional Protocol Enters into Force

25 July 2014 | An Additional Protocol (AP) to the Safeguards Agreement between the Government of India and the IAEA for the Application of Safeguards to Civilian Nuclear Facilities entered into force. Read more →

IAEA Issues Annual Report for 2013

24 July 2014 | The IAEA's wide range of technical and scientific activities being carried out in continued support of the needs of its Member States, and a review of developments related to nuclear issues are among the highlights of the recently-released Annual Report for 2013. Read more →

IAEA Takes Part in Canadian Nuclear Emergency Exercise

17 July 2014 | IAEA staff gathered at the Agency's Incident and Emergency Centre (IEC) recently joined more than 50 Canadian government agencies and regional organizations for a three-day exercise that involved a mock emergency at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station in Ontario province. Read more →


Nuclear Forensics - Interview with David Smith

| David Smith, Scientific Secretary for the International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Forensics held in Vienna from 7 to 10 July 2014, explains the purpose and desired outcomes of the Conference. Watch video →

IAEA Helps Zanzibar to Improve Rice Varieties

| In Zanzibar agriculture is the main source of income for around 70 percent of the population. View Photos →

The Rice is Right

| In Zanzibar farmers are growing a new variety of rice that was created using nuclear technology. The rice variety has a higher yield than other varieties and is proving to be really popular in the tropical island. Listen →