Nobel Peace Prize 2005: Staff Reactions

IAEA staff express their reactions and impressions on the Nobel Peace Prize Award

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John Young

"It started off as it does in today’s world, by an email… Somebody just passed an email, with an excerpt from CNN... and the word was spread around. I forwarded the email to my colleagues in my area because I'm the staff associate representative, so I sent them the information and, of course, it just spread through the house. I heard there were impromptu parties and things like that."

John Young, Department of Management

Rebecca Hattle

"I feel very proud. I feel that all the efforts we did here in the section were for a very good purpose. It helped me really to see myself and other people and my colleagues in a different way as professionals…how much we did, the challenges we had to go through."

Rebecca Hattle, Department of Technical Cooperation

Craig Nance

"My initial reaction was, ’Wow!’ You think back, reflect a little bit on what you’ve done, the work I’ve done for the Agency in the past some odd years... Obviously, that work has done some good in the world, and people recognized some of the good things we’ve done over the past few years. To receive the Nobel Peace Prize was really an honour."

Craig Nance, Department of Safeguards

Barbara Figiel

"I think the Agency does do so much for the world, so much for peace, and not only in the safeguards sense. I’ve seen a lot of great projects that we’ve done, whether it’s cancer or water, a lot of projects bringing real great things to the world."

Barbara Figiel, Department of Management

William Wanderer

"Oh, I was thrilled. All the young interns here really regard the DG as something of a rock star, and it’s just added to his aura."

William Wanderer, Department of Safeguards

Imed Zabaar

"I think the Agency is really worth this prize because in previous years, the Agency went through very, very hard tests, and it is the only mechanism available in the world today to ensure the peaceful use of nuclear energy. I believe, with this prize, the Agency proved to be worth the slogan Atoms for Peace."

Imed Zabaar, Department of Management

Maurine Mellinger-Deroy

"The Agency has consistently been working in a very strong manner over many, many years to maintain peace throughout the world. This is, of course, the main reason we're here. It just pushes forward the mandate of this organisation in a much stronger manner throughout the world."

Maurine Mellinger-Deroy, Department of Technical Cooperation

Derek Delves

"I am delighted...if you read the citations, it's for the whole of the Agency's work and it goes back over the decades. I think it's a genuine recognition of the Agency's full range of functions; its development work, as well and, I'd say, its work in relation to safety and other activities and not just the work in weapons' inspection."

Derek Delves, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security

Javier Guarnizo

"I think it’s a recognition of the work done by the Agency in the last years. Not also recognition of previous work, but also a challenge for the future. I think this prize has been given to us because of the work in the past, but also because of the expectation that people have from us for the future work we will do."

Javier Guarnizo, Department of Technical Cooperation

Victoria Pratt

"When I heard that the IAEA had won the Nobel Peace Prize, I googled it, and then I emailed it, and then I e-carded it, and I just e-celebrated my heart out. It was great!"

Victoria Pratt, Department of Safeguards