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IAEA and North Korea: Verification Challenge

Facilities in Democratic People's Republic of Korea Under Agency Safeguards or Containing Safeguarded Material on 31 December 2003
(IAEA Annual Report 2003)

Name of Facility, Number of Reactor Units, Location:

Power Reactors

  • Nyongbyon-I, 1, Nyongbyon

Research Reactors and Critical Assemblies

  • Critical Assembly, 1, Bungang-Ri, Nyongbyon
  • IRT, Bungang-Ri, Nyongbyon

Fuel Fabrication Plants, Including Pilot Plants

  • Nuclear fuel fabrication plant, Nyongbyon

Chemical Reprocessing Plants, Including Pilot Plants

  • Radiochemical Laboratory, Bungang-Ri, Nyongbyon

Separate Storage Facilities

  • Nuclear fuel storage, Bungang-Ri, Byongbyon

Other Facilities

  • Subcritical assembly, Pyongyang