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Chronology of Key Events



1994: IAEA Membership Withdrawal. The DPRK, which joined the IAEA in 1974, withdrew its membership of the IAEA 13 June 1994. The DPRK Safeguards Agreement with the IAEA remains in force. Fact Sheet

1994: IAEA Monitoring of Freeze. In November 1994, the UN Security Council requested the IAEA to monitor the freeze of DPRK facilities under the Agreed Framework. Statement

1994: US-DPRK Agreed Framework. The US and DPRK signed an Agreed Framework in Geneva 21 October 1994. Agreement

1993: North Korea Intention to Withdraw from NPT, Suspension of Decision. On 12 March, North Korea announces it is withdrawing from the NPT. It cites the treaty´s escape clause on defending supreme national interests. North Korea´s two reasons for withdrawing are: (1) the Team Spirit "nuclear war rehearsal" military exercises, and (2) the IAEA demand for special inspection of two suspect sites. North Korea attaches a statement to its withdrawal notice that is sent to the three NPT depository states and the 154 NPT member states, in which it accuses the IAEA of violating its sovereignty and interfering in its internal affairs, attempting to stifle its socialism, and of being a "lackey" of the United States. According to North Korea, the United States influenced officials of the IAEA Secretariat and Member States at the IAEA Board of Governors meeting on 25 February 1993 to adopt a resolution requiring North Korea to open military sites to inspection that are not nuclear-related. On 11 June, one day before its notice of withdrawal from the NPT was due to take effect, the USA persuaded North Korea to suspend the "effectuation" of its withdrawal and to accept normal IAEA inspection of the seven sites it had declared in the Initial Report to the Agency.

1977-99: Nuclear Programme, Safeguards. The DPRK signed its first safeguards agreement with the IAEA in 1977. It signed the NPT in 1985, and in 1992 signed its NPT Safeguards Agreement with the IAEA. NPT Safeguards Agreement | DPRK Safeguarded Facilities | Full Chronology (Archived Material: 1977-1999)